The online journey is supported by these world class experts…

This Season (more announced soon…)

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Birth into Being

Susanne Roursgaard

The Self and The Cervix

Michaela Boehm

Relaxing into Our Sexual Selves

Shakti Malan

The Feeling Body

Matt Schwenteck

The 21 Day Process

Louise Mazanti

Cultivating Sexual Presence

Sanna Sanita

The Orgasmic State

Pamela Madsen

Sexual Empowerment at Every Stage of Life

Ariel Giarretto

Navigating Trauma in our Bodies

Naomi Love

Abdominal Massage, Steaming and the Etherial Cervix

Alternate Season (available to all participants)

Tami Lynn Kent

Wild Feminine

Layla Martin

A Journey into Cervical Awakening

Sofia Sundari

Taking Ownership of Your Yoni

Silja Rehfeldt

The Cervix Through Birth and Beyond

Ingunn Pink Tennbakk

A Beginners Guide to Cervical Awakening

Fiona Soma

Releasing Trauma with TRE