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3 Things You Can do To Improve your Sex Life Now

I have always had a nerdy interest in sex. (I'm the one carrying a speculum in my handbag.) After healing myself from the bonds of shame in my late 20’s, I went on a mission to learn everything I could. I was obsessed (like the rest of the world) for…

Are You Doing This To Your Cervix Without Knowing It?

I would love to be able to proclaim, that my sexual encounters have, for the most part been conscious loving, Tantric and rewarding. But as I mentioned last week, that is not my story. And I’ve realised (with a weird kind of relief) that I am not alone. Conscious penetration…

The Art of The Empowered Pap Smear

I actually came close to enjoying my pap smear the other day. Not because it was pleasurable or even fun. But because I created it the way I wanted to experience it – with consent and relaxation. I’ve become quite protective of my cervix having done the Self:Cervix work and the practises to revive…

How to Feel the Mystical Cervical Orgasm

...and mystical it is! When I first began this work, I was amazed by what I call an epidemic of numb or painful cervixes. When I first began this work, I couldn't feel a thing on my cervix and I speak to many women who haven’t felt cervical pleasure -…

How to Make Friends with Your Resistance

So there you are, making it through another busy week. A week filled with accomplishments. You finished your to-do list, you fed yourself and probably you fed others too, you made it to yoga, not once but twice. AND there was even a little time at the end of the…

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