Initiate yourself onto the path of the orgasmic, awakened cervix.

And Connect To Your Ability To Have Deep, Full Body Pleasure

4 - 8 OCTOBER, 2023

This is your first step on the path of cervical awakening.

Most women don't realize clitoral orgasms are just the tip of the iceberg...

And your ability to have universe-rocking, full body pleasure is closer than you think...

This is the initiation into that deeper knowing....


This is the point of expansion, beginning from where you are.

What brings you here?

Is the jewel of cervical orgasm calling you?

Is it a desire to create beauty inside and around you?

Is it the longing to know your body as sacred and to know yourself in wholeness?

The spirit of the cervix is like the goddess calling us into the deep unknown.

A sacred passage to the Divine through the body.

Cervical Awakening is a new modality and a rite of passage into a world of spiritually refined orgasmic knowledge. It offers an evolutionary expansion into the truth of who we are.

These Initiations will give you a map to explore so you can find your way along a life-enhancing path of sovereignty, orgasm and creation.

We’ll journey through layers of mind, body, heart, soul and celebration of the self in connection with Source through the cervix.


Harness the power of your mind as it tracks the wisdom inside your body

As you first enter the initiation process, you will be guided through the process of shifting from your 'mind space' into the field of sacred, tender wisdom stored deep within your whole body.


A radiant re-imagining of your body and your cervix

Restore and remember what it is to be truly YOU in all your feminine wisdom. Shed old stories of womanhood and embrace the empowering inner fire inside of you, as you reclaim yourself.


The powerful combination of your heart and your cervix

Walk more deeply into the link that brings your heart and the portal of your cervix together. As you explore this link, feel the connection you have within your entire body.


Remembering your soul's calling

With your body, mind, heart connection intact, dive into your soul's calling, through your new found portal.


The first code of receiving and integration

Receive the codes and learn the power of integration. Be held by community through the process.

You will:

  • Reimagine your cervix and its true nature, while exploring your true nature.
  • Learn how to navigate in the dark as youexplore the mystery of the internal world.
  • Discover where there may be barriers and blocks to the vast pleasure inside of you.
  • Understand the energetics of pleasure.
  • Learn the foundational code for receiving orgasm, wealth and love.


You will be invited to touch your cervix, but you do not have to and you will still benefit.

How it works:


Each day you'll meet online with Olivia, receive a transmission and an invitation to explore in your own time. There will be a group for you where you can share your experience and learn
the others.


Whether you are new to this work or already have some experience, this will support foundations for grounding the journey of cervical awakening as a pathway to sovereignty, orgasm, creation and celebration of Self. Each time we meet ourselves here, we connect to new insights and levels of self-mastery, no matter where we are on our evolutionary journey.

We begin October 4

The Portal To Your Inner Expansion Awaits You.
Join Now, and Unlock True Pleasure.
  • Connect with your inner feminine
  • Understand how to activate your orgasmic power
  • Unlock "frozenness" in your body
  • Join a community of women on the same path
  • Step into an unforgettable initiation into your Self
  • Full 5 initiation process shared over several guided days

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are in USD.
  • Please choose carefully, there are no refunds or partial refunds available on any purchase or course.
  • Additional offers and credits are not able to be compounded.

When does the course start & what is the class schedule?

The 5-day Initiations start October 4th, 2023. The schedule for the live classes will be available shortly - replays will be available. 

Is the content downloadable?

The content is not downloadable, which means you need an online connection.

How long do I have access to the content for?

You will have a minimum of three months access and Self:Cervix may withdraw the course at anytime after that.

How is the content delivered?

Each Initiation will take place live daily.The classes will be taught live via online video conferencing. Replays will be uploaded inside the learning portal afterwards.

You have the option to answer questions in the ‘Questions thread’

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final so please choose carefully. There are no refunds permitted.

Will this course help me heal trauma?

While many of the tools are trauma informed, we don't recommend you take this course if you experienced sexual trauma or abuse in your family, or are not in a stable place emotionally at the moment. If you feel you have processed this trauma, we would still recommend having a therapist on hand in case you need it.

Is this work only for hetero/cis women?

I identify as hetero/cis so many of the experiences shared are based in my story so are told from that perspective. However, the principles are universal and we welcome anyone who may resonate with the themes.

We use the word “Woman” for any person who identifies or has lived as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth or gender expression. We also acknowledge that gender is on a spectrum and that we all have a right to live in alignment with their gender identity.

Is this ok for me to do if I have mental health issues?

We would love to say yes but the truth is, sometimes you may need more support than we can give you in an online forum space. In general, if you are really struggling emotionally or find yourself deep in your pain, right now might not be the time to join this course. The content may trigger feelings that are best handled with the support of an in-person therapist.