Rapture 2.0 Member Offering

For past Rapture members, this special offering is just for you.

The work for Rapture is shifting into a whole new programme – I have been working with a sound artist to create psychedelic and immersive sound worlds for you to journey through.

The programme is less about theory and more about the technical processes involved in cervical orgasm.

If you'd like to join this new offering, you can have it for a massive discount at just USD $97 (usually it's $598).

If you decide not to join this version, you still keep the original programme and all the content you've bought. 

In this journey we venture into an enchanting, mystical portal–into a new dimension towards the future of love making. Our time will be spent:

  • Experience effortless sex and orgasm through deep surrender, a beautiful way to heal and receive mind blowing pleasure at the same time Learning the key for deep surrender through the body for effortless sex and orgasm.

  • Cleanse and purify your energy centers so you can remain in a high vibration to manifest more easily and far quicker. A core alignment meditation to cleanse and awaken your energy centers. 

  • Create heart coherence so you are and how to aligned with the frequency of the deepest orgasm humanly possible.

  • Each process is fused with orgasmic manifestation techniques, which build over the weeks.

  • Cultivate the specific epic pleasure state for cervical and deep experiences of orgasm.

  • Create the 3 vital conditions for orgasmic manifestation so you can Learn how to  fully open yourself up even more to your desires, your pleasure and your dreams through orgasmic manifestation.

  • Musical healing - Transmute negative stuck emotions into positive flow through the power of music so your energy is clean and clear. This includes Bonus DJ sets from my talented friends so we can dance our asses off, have fun and heal to together.f and transmute negative stuck emotions into positive flow

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