Release 2.0 Member Offering

For past Release members, this special offering is just for you.

The work for Release is shifting into a whole new programme – the concepts are deepening and the journey is really becoming the rite of passage that I always intended it to be. 

After listening to all your feedback over the years, Release 2.0 will be simplified but deepened.

If you'd like to join this new offering, you can have it for a massive discount at just $97 (usually it's $447).

If you decide not to join this version, you still keep the original programme and all the content you've bought. 

In this journey we venture into the mythic underworld to meet the shadow and things unseen. Our time will be spent:

  • Working with the vagus nerve to access the zones of nourishment for practise
  • Understanding the process of creation and how it impacts the body
  • Vulva and clit de-armouring with new intention
  • Vaginal and cervical de-armouring with new intention
  • Understanding rage as a portal for power and healing
  • Owning your shadow in sexual relating
  • Dance, breathwork and more!

Click here to view the class schedule.