Feel alive, vibrant and available for pleasure.

Embark on a journey of personal awakening with Self:Essentials and evolve into the best version of yourself.

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Self:Essentials is a selection of ‘essential’ tools to support your personal, sexual and spiritual development through intimacy; mind, body and soul.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect deeply with your true self so that you feel whole and complete within
  • Stop outsourcing your love, fill yourself up and take care of your own needs
  • Listen to your body’s wisdom so you know how to ask for what you want
  • Break the habit of over-giving and experience receiving for yourself
  • Take simple actions to move from feeling ‘stuck' to feeling sensual
  • Get out of your head and feel grounded in your body

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Self: Essentials is informed by neuro-science, trauma therapy and ancient wisdom. True freedom is knowing we can resource ourselves.

We are offering unlimited access to this library of essential resources to deepen your connection to self or sensuality at any time.

Each day you will receive a written reflection and an audio recording to experience the teaching, and we'll support you with email prompts. I encourage you to journal before bed each day so you bring a level of consciousness to what you’re learning and open up another way to develop a relationship with yourself.

You'll dive into ten resources:

  1. Meeting your inner child
  2. Working through shame
  3. Learning how to receive
  4. Moving from stuck to sensual
  5. Becoming open
  6. Connection to heart and spirit
  7. Connection to body
  8. Standing in your power centre through your cervix
  9. Breathing into your cervix
  10. Keeping your vibration high by self-sourcing

You are the source of love and pleasure. You are invited to be deeply with yourself, your heart and body. You’ll explore some of your blockages to pleasure and intimacy and find tools to uplevel your connection to self and others.

Experience our transformative Self:Essentials tool kit today!

Join us on this exploration...  

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