“This program is very well researched and dramatically meaningful for anyone looking to gain deeper understanding of their body, personal safety, pleasure, trust and profound connection.

Accurate anatomy lessons, guided meditations, expert interviews and greater understanding of your body and your life are all present in this valuable program. I truly believe this work can lead you to the answers you are searching for.”

Erika Bauer
Certified Eating Psychology Coach & Sexual Health Counsellor

“I have done a number of courses around tantric and sexual themes, and I am glad to say this took my experience a lot deeper…The space was really beautifully held and everything was very clear from the start, which made it feel more safe. It also felt like there really was less (if any) pressure to get somewhere or be something.

In the whole experience there was a sense of ‘being real’, honest, and vulnerable. The way that Olivia guided the journey was very grounded, gentle, loving and humble. I felt like there was noone put on a pedestal and we could all feel enough in our humanity.”

Rosa Latva

“I’ve been working on healing sexual trauma for over a year now using the resources of books, group coaching programs, a counsellor, and a coach, among other things. Nothing has come even close to what Self: Cervix did for me. In focusing her attention with such love and clarity on the cervix and the power of the cervix, Olivia Bryant has created a course that took me on a journey into the very center of what makes me, me and allowed me to connect with one of the most creative and supportive group of ‘cervixens’ I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing online. There were single days I truly think were worth the price of the entire journey. This is such timely and important work and should be taught to all people with cervixes everywhere.”

Tess Fairbridge

“Self: Cervix has revived my life in such a miraculous way… This awakening has drastically improved my relationship with my husband, who can be wary of non-traditional methods. [Before] I felt so alone even though I was probably being ‘intimate’ 3 or 4 times a week. I was on scary ground and I was lost.

However, after 21 days of Self: Cervix (and no entry) and some deeper discussions with my husband, we are enjoying openness, being more present with each other and listening. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your work is making the world a better place!!!”


“The Self: Cervix Initiation Journey has been a gentle, but powerful transformational process… I feel more embodied, and have found more joy in my soft sensuality. This initiation has also allowed me to let go of old conditioning around what sex, pleasure and orgasms are, and how they should look. I am massively grateful to have been part of this journey, to be part of this beautiful community and I am so excited to keep deepening into this work.”


“After 21 days, the cervix now means not only a physical anatomical name, but also an essential life passage from pain and ignorance to a realm of pleasure and wholeness. I felt a lot of richness in witnessing a safe sharing space, and soon I had a sense of belonging to a bigger change happening in the world, through connecting to our bodies.

Last but not least, [the course] included amazing communication tools that gave us light to walk towards harmony between men and women, with respect and understanding. I really believe this is the path to follow.”

Miriam Nunes, Portugal

“This journey allowed me to move at my own pace, encouraging me to honour MY tempo.

I’m learning to listen to the wisdom carried [in my cervix and pelvic bowl], and this initiation journey has given me more acceptance for where I’m at and trust in following my own tempo on this personal journey. I am enjoying the deeper listening and feel self-motivated to regularly tune in, which I’ve felt supported to do with the simplicity of the pelvic presence meditation.”

Nicola Helmink

“I loved the learning space, which felt safe and inclusive. The gentle pacing of the daily practices were perfect to allow the experience to penetrate slowly and deeply. I learned how to slow down, tune-in, and listen to my body. But the most impact was learning to honour my responses. It was amazing to have this haven to nourish myself, and it gave me a renewed confidence in my sensuality after becoming a mother. The knowledge and support of Olivia & Robyn guiding the journey was outstanding. A full-bodied YES to Self: Cervix.”

Lisa Frize


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