The Cervix offers a portal to
deep rest and relaxation

Are you ready to turn inward, to become self-loving and
nurture yourself through touch?

Saturday, September 12:9AM AEST | 12AM BST

Friday, September 11: 1AM CEST | 4PM PDT | 7PM EDT

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This FREE masterclass will teach you how to:

1. Dissolve stress

Key practises to exit stressful states and enter into a loving space

2. Release tension

Release tension throughout the entire body for more orgasmic pleasure & ease

3. Open into love & pleasure

Learn ways to relax and open into love & pleasure rather than contract in fear

Turn stress and anxiety into peace and pleasure

The impact of stress and anxiety on our nervous system pulls us away from connecting with ourselves and drains our body of energy.

More than ever in a time of global unprecedented change and uncertainty, now is the time to release accumulated tension so we can make more space for love.

Our beautiful cervix is attached to THREE of the most powerful, sexually triggered nerves.Stimulation of these nerves can create a state of wellbeing in the body.

It's time to find a home in our body like never before and reclaim the gifts of the cervix as a pleasure organ.

The process of CERVICAL AWAKENING can
show us how to relax!

Sexual surrender occurs when we are in a state of safety. What can we do to create safety within ourselves that not only sets us up for orgasm but also helps us navigate uncertainty and stress?

A note from Olivia, Self:Cervix Founder

After 5 years of coaching women through a journey of awakening through the cervix, it is now so important that we address our hearts and all the ways we give ourselves away for love. It’s time to step into true partnership with ourselves. It’s a human longing to connect but that connection begins with us. Are we really listening to ourselves? Are we REALLY loving ourselves?

As women - lovers, mothers, care-takers, nurturers, we are constantly giving out to the world sometimes at the expense of ourselves. To be truly available for intimacy, we need to know our own hearts and be fearless in the face of our true feelings.
We must remember to value ourselves and to find solace and strength in our daily practices.

We must reclaim the incredible healing power of sensuality, sex and more importantly, the cervix as a pleasure organ and honour our own ability to release tension, especially at a time when stress and anxiety is heightened around us.

Let’s take care of each other and come together as a community of women, to feel alive.

Join me in this free webinar to give back to yourself.

Much love,


Saturday, September 12:9AM AEST | 12AM BST

Friday, September 11: 1AM CEST | 4PM PDT | 7PM EDT

Those who register will receive a replay.