Sister, get your cervix over here...

You're in the right place if you're ready to

Spend an impressive amount of time in bed learning how to turn the cervix into an organ of pleasure and blissful orgasm. 

Feel held and supported in a global community of amazing and empowered women causing a cervical revolution.

Buy a disproportionate amount of coconut oil

Connect with your cervix, love yourself like crazy and learn how to ask for anything you want (and we mean anything).

Hey, I’m Olivia

If someone had told me I’d be leading thousands of women on a journey of cervical awakening, I would have run a mile – because let’s be honest, it’s not a small endeavour. But here I am, loving every minute.

I’m a geeky explorer, with a background in sexology and a deep desire to figure out being human.

I travelled the world to figure out life and landed on my cervix – the irony is not lost on me.

Welcome home.

Excooose us! Self:Cervix is a little naked right now. We'll be ready for you in February 2019

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Programmes coming soon

Give naysayers the middle finger by using it to touch your cervix

While smiling like the maverick you are

Why the cervix?

Did you know the cervix is the only organ in the body that connects to three major nerves? It’s wired to feel PLEASURE. In fact, it’s actually an orgasmic super organ. And yet for many women, it’s numb or painful.

Most of us store so much emotional memory at the cervix and don’t even know it.

So we believe that reclaiming the cervix is a radical act of self love and feminism. It’s time to stop medicalising it and instead, start building the neural pathway to pleasure and bliss.

Researched by people with brains

In 2017, Dr. Katharina Weitkamp headed research on the effects of Self:Cervix conducted at the Hamburg Medical School.

“We found that stimulation of the cervix caused a significant decrease in anxiety, depression, and somatisation. The practise also was effective in decreasing pain and increasing arousal and desire. The perception of the female genitals was more positive compared to the control group. Additionally, in-depth interviews revealed that women who took this course felt more self-compassion and empowerment.”


Instigate inappropriate dinner table conversation.

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