Sister, get your cervix over here

Spend an impressive amount of time in bed learning how to turn the cervix into an organ of pleasure and transcendent orgasm. We are a global community of amazing and empowered women causing a cervical revolution and more bliss for humanity (while buying a LOT of coconut oil).

Hey, I’m Olivia

If someone had told me I’d be leading thousands of women on a journey of cervical awakening, I would have run a mile – because let’s be honest, it’s not a small endeavour. But here I am, loving every minute. I’m a geeky explorer, with a background in sexology and a deep desire to figure out being human.

I travelled the world to figure out life and landed on my cervix – the irony is not lost on me. Welcome home.

About S:C

"A full-bodied yes to Self:Cervix"

Lisa Frize, community member

Researched by people with brains

In 2017, Dr. Katharina Weitkamp headed research on the effects of Self:Cervix conducted at the Hamburg Medical School.

“We found that stimulation of the cervix caused a significant decrease in anxiety, depression, and somatisation. The practise also was effective in decreasing pain and increasing arousal and desire. The perception of the female genitals was more positive compared to the control group. Additionally, in-depth interviews revealed that women who took this course felt more self-compassion and empowerment.”

Dr. Katharina Weitkamp – Hamburg Medical School