Unlock your heart. Unlock greater intimacy.

Don't let emotional baggage get in the
way of love and pleasure

Join me as I share about why your heart and your emotions matter when it comes to relaxing into intimacy. When you take action to love yourself, your body can let go like never before.

This FREE masterclass will teach you:


What it takes to create a sense of safety around you for healthy love and more pleasure


Two things to do right away to begin unblocking emotion that prevents intimacy


The most important thing you can do to heal unhealthy patterns to love yourself fully

When it comes to intimacy, it's common to abandon ourselves, our needs and desires to get love and to avoid loss.

If we are caught in a cycle of protecting or controlling to get our needs met, we create armouring around the heart, and shut down our orgasmic response.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or partnered, you have to develop a loyal and abiding connection to yourself.

We are responsible for our pleasure, our sense of safety, whether or not others respect us, and our ability to say what we want and don't want.

Globally, people are asking to be valued. Now is the time to rise, this is the time for self-partnership and sovereignty as a foundation for intimacy.

Stop abandoning yourself and start valuing yourself for healthy love and fulfilling sex.

A note from Olivia, Self:Cervix Founder

After 5 years of coaching women through a journey of exploring orgasm via the cervix, it is important that we address our hearts and all the ways we give ourselves away for love.

It’s time to step into true partnership with ourselves. It’s a human longing to connect but that connection begins with us.Are we really listening to ourselves? Are we REALLY loving ourselves?

As women - lovers, mothers, care-takers, nurturers, we are constantly giving out to the world sometimes at the expense of ourselves. To be truly available for intimacy, we need to know our own hearts and be fearless in the face of our true feelings.

We must remember to value ourselves and to find solace and strength in our daily practices.

Join me in this free webinar to give back to yourself.

Much love,


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