Masterclass Replay:

Emotional De-Armouring for Cervical Orgasm & True Self-Love

Is your heart holding you back from experiencing mind-blowing, blissful orgasm?

Our free masterclass is going to share the first steps for emotional de-armouring so you can unleash your full heightened sense of cervical and sexual pleasure.

In this class, you will learn:


What it takes to create a sense of safety around you for healthy love and more pleasure


Two things to do right away to begin unblocking emotion that prevents intimacy


The most important thing you can do to heal unhealthy patterns to love yourself fully

Watch the masterclass replay for a taster of our Self:Partnership™ course

Our Self:Partnership course is for you if:

  • You lose yourself in a relationship to put others’ needs above your own

  • You abandon your own instincts and boundaries in fear of losing love

  • You neglect what you truly want in a relationship and settle for crumbs because you’d rather have connection than be alone

  • You want to create secure and healthy connections instead of feeling anxious and co-dependant

  • You need to release past traumas and emotional blocks so that you can open and relax into a deep state of orgasm

Fulfilling sex and healthy love starts with Self:Partnership