Olivia Bryant presents...

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Heal Your Abandonment Wound So You Can Love & Be Loved Deeply

Attract the love you want and heal the abandonment wound for good

In the masterclass, we cover:

  • How to shift toxic, destructive emotions into healthy emotions in order to come closer to yourself and others

  • How to work with emotions and heal the fear of being alone so you make empowering relationship choices

  • How to create a genuine, loving and sustained relationship with yourself to attract the love you want from others

  • Stop meeting people who mirror your wounds and attract true love

Watch the masterclass replay for a taster of our Self:Partnership™ course

Our Self:Partnership course is for you if:

  • You neglect what you truly want in a relationship and settle for crumbs because you’d rather have connection than be alone

  • You need to release past traumas and emotional blocks so that you can open and relax into a deep state of orgasm

  • You continually attract emotionally unavailable people or distant partnersand you are ready to attract safe and secure love

  • You abandon your own instincts and boundaries in fear of losing love

  • You blame yourself for the problems in your relationship, of you blame your partner

  • You feel anxious, co-dependent and sabotage your relationships out of fear and you are ready to create a new healthy template for love

Fulfilling sex and healthy love starts with Self:Partnership