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Sexual Awakening & The Cervix

Discover how to awaken cervical orgasm and transform the way you make love.

The cervix is more than a singular part of the reproductive system. It’s a highly orgasmic sensitive organ and the final frontier of female sexual awakening.

In this class, you will learn:

Leading edge science

Once you know this, you'll understand why it's all possible

The secret to more sensitivity

Learn key tools to awaken pleasure and release pain or numbness

6 key tips for sexual transformation

What to start and stop doing to support cervical and internal orgasm

Watch the masterclass replay for a taster of our Release Journey, beginning Oct 4

Leading edge science

Cutting edge medical and scientific research uncovering the cervix as a portal for pleasure

Our Release Journey is for you if:

• You want to learn how to clear the way for internal and cervical orgasms

• You're willing to go on a journey of healing and awakening first

• You want to be more connected to yourself and your body

• You want to learn how to release numbness and vaginal discomfort

• You're on a personal and sexual growth journey and you're ready to change the habits that hold you back!

Our Release journey starts October 4 PST, join us!