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Sexual Awakening & The Cervix

Discover how to awaken cervical orgasm and transform the way you make love.

The cervix is more than part of the reproductive system. It’s a highly orgasmic sensitive organ and the final frontier of female sexual awakening.

In this class, you will learn:

Leading edge science

Once you know this, you'll understand why it's all possible

The secret to more sensitivity

Learn key tools to awaken pleasure and release pain or numbness

6 key tips for sexual transformation

What to start and stop doing to support cervical and internal orgasm

Watch the masterclass replay for a taster of our Release Journey


Our Release Journey is for you if:

  • You lose yourself in a relationship to put others’ needs above your own

  • You abandon your own instincts and boundaries in fear of losing love

  • You neglect what you truly want in a relationship and settle for crumbs because you’d rather have connection than be alone

  • You want to create secure and healthy connections instead of feeling anxious and co-dependant

  • You need to release past traumas and emotional blocks so that you can open and relax into a deep state of orgasm

Fulfilling sex and healthy love starts with Self:Partnership