The Magical Cervix~Heart Axis

The Magical Cervix~Heart Axis

Free Masterclass

Free Masterclass

The heart and its emotional resonance is the foundation of cervical orgasm.

The energetics that open up as a result of the connection between Cervix and Heart, bring sacred sexuality into the new paradigm that places mechanical force through doing or getting the right technique as secondary to an internal state of attunement, harmony and elevated resonance.

When this axis is aligned and turned on, the flow of the orgasmic currents is effortless. You begin to tap into the fundamental creative power beneath existence and the true meaning of manifestation.

The field that surrounds you becomes magnetic as you embody integrity and empowerment as well as love without condition.

The Cervix~Heart Axis awakens the central channel and clears the way for the Divine Feminine current to flow through you.

In this masterclass you’ll learn about the importance of the Cervix~Heart Axis and the way it assists in evolving consciousness to bring you into the highest levels of self-worth from which new possibilities emerge.

In this class you'll learn:

The first steps in activating this channel. 

How this practice is both healing and expanding your nervous system capacity so you can hold more orgasmic energy and love in your system.

How this becomes foundational for love relationships to deepen into union.

How to live in mastery and connect with the source of your manifestations.

The Magical
Cervix~Heart Axis

FREE masterclass


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