Here’s a reality check - if you want to awaken the cervix then you will need to spend some time there. The amount of time you spend on the work is up to you. The practical sessions are about 25 - 30 minutes long. We recommend at least 3 practise sessions per week (at about 30 minutes each) plus watching the theory for the week between 15 minutes and 1 hour per week).

Ideally, you’ll do something each day, whether it’s  as small as engaging in the group or watching a short video OR committing to a longer practise.  

We only run this journey twice per year...May & September. If you can’t make the time but you can’t wait until the next round, there is no time pressure to watch the content. Once you have it, it’s yours to go through at your own pace.

You can’t ever “fall behind” in this program. Even though we have a schedule in place to help you gain momentum, you have complete freedom to take the program at YOUR PACE — so if you want to spend more time with a section or simply need to take some time away, the program is here for you as long as you need it.

If you can’t make our weekly live online call, no worries! We will record each call with a summary of topics discussed so you can listen to the most relevant calls for you. AND if you have a question but can’t make it live, you can send your questions in advance so I can answer it on the call. Again — all the training content will be available online through our private members area so you can learn to your  own schedule.

This is great to do pre-pregnancy. If you ARE pregnant we do not recommend working on your cervix until about 2 weeks before birth. It’s fine to soften your external vagina but we do not recommend deep internal work.

We believe so. We have sexologists, Tantra teachers, therapists and midwives amongst our community because the cervix is really the final frontier in our bodies. Our method is made for you to continue on throughout your life. Also you can go as deep as you want to go with the practices.  

So here’s my most honest answer. We have made every attempt to make this work as inclusive as possible. We made a video called ‘Queer Leadership within the S:C Community’. We are looking for leaders to step up and share so that others feel the courage to do so. Olivia always uses varied language ranging from ‘people with a cervix’ to ‘women’ to include the broad spectrum. Not all teachers who are interviewed do. We will be remaking many of these interviews over time, encouraging all who are involved in this work to educate themselves on inclusivity. So we have things to improve and we are aware of it. We would LOVE you be part of this. This work IS for everyone. We are open to leaders coming forward to take on some of this challenge with us.

First of all, this is the ONLY programme of it’s kind to focus exclusively on the cervix. Within the scope of this programme are a huge range of learning options from short lessons, to long workshops, plus audios, interviews and more. Our intention was to make this a community- driven work. So much of this was made through the learnings of our community. We do not tell you what you should feel or what your body should be able to do. We encourage you to be the authority of your body and do what works for YOU regardless of the teachings offered.

There are so many benefits (and some of these proven by science- based research on S:C).

These include:

- Reduced anxiety and depression

- More confidence

- More sensation

- Less pain

- More pleasure and access to orgasm

- Greater ability to earn as your worth increases

- Greater ability to ask for what you want

- Empowerment

- Deepened connection to self and lovers

- Connected and ecstatic sex

- Healing from the past and releasing emotions stored in the cervix.

If you feel that you are very traumatised and you do not have any support around you, then we do not recommend doing this programme until you have found support and have done some of the healing work with a trauma therapist.

For those of you who are just scared because it’s the unknown, then don’t worry, we have loads of support for you. You can either reach out in our community for support OR have a one- on- one session with one of our amazing coaches.

The live calls will be listed in the first week of the journey. We will give the time in:

 - AEST - Australian Eastern

 - CEST - Central Europe

 - PST - Pacific

 - EDT - Eastern

If you cannot make the call, the replay will be available.

We recommend using a tool such as www.timeanddate.com/converter  to find the time in your city.

Yes - we have a huge range of ages in our group right up to 80. We even have specific content for post menopausal women in special bonus content.  Don’t let age hold you back. It’s super important to keep active. If you don’t use it you lose it ;)

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My focus is with the cervix. I have extensive experience working with bodies with vulvas, vaginas and cervixes and my experience is in working predominantly with cis women. I welcome non-binary, genderqueer and gender fluid people who have a cervix and are drawn to this workshop. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel unsure.