:: The Heart Frequency ::

2-Part Masterclass

:: The Heart Frequency ::

2-Part Masterclass

If there was ever one true purpose to experience in this life it’s this: to know love in all its dimensions. I don’t just mean romantic love. I mean unattached, non-locational love that allows you to live in full aliveness, magnetic, whole and in love.

The Heart Frequency are key frequencies that add power and softness to our intimate and personal relating.

When we awaken these frequencies, we transmit a powerful magnetic energy that lights up our lives and invites in love; deep love that, actually, most of us were never taught how to hold or sustain.

If you were born with a cervix, you hold tremendous power to transmute emotional and sexual energy into unconditional love when you awaken the The Heart Frequency.

Live and love in wholeness, together or alone.

In this class you’ll learn:

The first 2 steps in awakening this Heart Frequency and how this works day to day 

The keys to living radiantly alone or together.

How to create the space to receive, cultivate and sustain a sacred relationship.

How to elevate your sense of wellbeing and your experience of life and love.

How to hold your sovereignty in deep intimate relating and not lose yourself in love.

How to stop chasing and getting caught in painful cycles of self-abandonment.


This is for you if you feel identified with womanhood and you have a cervix, if you are partnered or in a relationship.

Begin the journey down the Heart Stream with this 2-part class.

*Please note:

• If you are really struggling with trauma or deep in your pain, right now might not be the time to watch this class. You can revisit when you feel more neutral or when it is taught again.

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