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A Psychedelic Sensual Breathwork Journey

Ride the magic carpet of your breath into the field of potentiality and unity.

Breathe yourself into a psychedelic playground where anything is possible.

Use your sensuality and breath to elevate yourself into an altered state that mimics the kinds of experiences that can happen when DMT opens the gates to the Otherworld.

This is breathing poetry; an interdimensional journey through time and space, using only language and breath to guide you into orgasmic consciousness.

A ~1 hour taster of our Rapture 2.0 journey.


USD $60
Approx. 1 hour psychedelic sensual breathwork audio journey.

**Credit Offer**

Your purchase can also be used as a credit towards Rapture 2.0 before December 18, 2022.

*Please note:

  • • All sales are final so please choose carefully as no refunds are available.

  • • The audio is not downloadable due to copyright reasons. You will have ongoing access to do the Breathwork Journey online.
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