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Mentorship Training

Become a teacher of the Cervical Awakening Method™

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The cervix is the epicentre of sexual spiritual awakening. If you are called to guide this path, you're embarking on a career at the leading edge of a fast-growing field.

As a guide and teacher, you enter your own transformational journey of becoming one of the wisdom keepers of this path.

It is an honour to bring someone into connection with who they really are through the power of their cervix and cervical orgasm.

This mentorship combines individual mentoring with group sessions, monthly content and special classes.

By the end of this bespoke mentorship training you will:

✦ Hold the keys to a new professional pathway

✦ Feel confident teaching the key aspect of the method that suit your clients and areas of interest

✦ Be part of a very small group of teachers bringing this wisdom into the world which will set you apart and place you at the leading edge of sacred sexuality.

✦ Know how to guide key rituals online or in groups

✦ Have created a unique offering that is true to you, your audience and creative magic.

✦ Be able to hold a women's circle with this focus

Plus so much more...


The Investment:

USD $10,000* for 12 months private group mentoring.


A pre-requisite of the professional training is the SCex (coming in 2023). Optional for greater understanding, we recommend also knowing the Heart Stream of this work (Self:Partnership & Sovereign Heart).


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