The Art of
Cervical Awakening

Welcome to your next elevation in cervix consciousness.

Enter the precious and transformative world of the orgasmic cervix and the artful process of awakening it.

If you are just coming into this world, you may not have known that your cervix is orgasmic! In fact the idea of an orgasmic cervix might feel absurd or very far away.

We hope this guide ignites a seed of awareness inside of you that will start you on a journey of discovery at a pace that feels right for you.

If you are familiar with this pathway, this guide will always be a beautiful reference to support you on your ever-evolving journey.

In Cervix~Heart we bridge the seat of the soul and the portal to creation to live in the frequency of love and unlock the key to cervical orgasm.

Cervix~Heart is about possibility, personal power and magnetism.

When we activate this axis we naturally begin to elevate in consciousness and resonate with love, wealth and cervical orgasm.

We come closer to our true essence, our original state of being from which our purest creations flow. If the heart is blocked or resonating with states of lack, judgement and shame we also block our magnetism.

We need our magnetism for both manifestation and – cervical orgasm.

Through the Cervix~Heart Axis, we come into energetic alignment with our dreamiest desires.

When we work the energetics of this axis, we naturally begin to receive, love, our highest path, truth, pleasure, richness.

With loving stimulation and connection, the cervical orgasm can propel energy upwards through the central channel, taking you to levels of heightened bliss, love and spiritual connection. Like a spiritual re-emergence and connection to Self.

The possibilities when awakening the cervix are limitless and the cervix will be central to the future of lovemaking.

Learn the 5 core pillars to awakening
your cervix in this free guide

The Art of
Cervical Awakening