Love & Radiance Meditation

Yay! You made it. You’re a step away from feeling more connected and energised. No matter what is happening - you can get what you need.

The processes you’re about to receive are based in neuroscience and somatic therapy. Set aside 20 minutes of quiet time at the start of your day to do this process, or whenever you need a boost.

There are three steps to this process:
1. Create grounding through your arms and legs. This is like a container to hold emotion.
2. Elevate your emotion and source goodness for yourself!
3. Move your body with this emotion in place so you have an embodied experience

Tip: Whenever you feel upset, focussing your attention in your arms and legs is a very good way to find calm and grounded.


Ps. We'd love to hear how you felt after this, feel free to reach out at!

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