Learn the art and practise of de-armouring for more sensation, pleasure and orgasm

Learn the art and practise of de-armouring for more sensation, pleasure and orgasm

Welcome to the Release journey

This is a deep dive into the mystery of your body - the wisdom it holds, the ancient stories, the memory and the pleasure.

This experience is for you if you want to:

Learn our reliable method for releasing internal tension and blockages that stand in the way of you and deep orgasmic states.

Learn to create safety for yourself in order to receive and surrender.

Long to experience deeper states of orgasm but you’re not sure how to clear tension or overcome the numbness that stands in the way.

Crave more internal sensitivity and responsiveness so sex with a lover is deep and blissful.

Learn how the nervous system and cervix interact so you have more control over how you feel and you’re able to move from shut down or stress to pleasure.


To unlock the pathway to orgasm and awaken electric sensation we must create a clearing.

The orgasmic body is free and able to relax and flow. We can all do this - we were born this way. But life happens and things change. Emotions might feel stuck, self judgement or fear set into the body. We stop flowing, feeling and relaxing. We get busy overdoing or trying hard to please and we lose it - it becomes harder to feel.

So that’s why we need to release and create a clearing - so we can return to flow and claim back what is naturally ours.


Release is a mythical journey into the things we keep hidden in the dark - our cervix, our inner world, our shadows and our unbridled pleasure.The things that have been lost or disowned in a patriarchal world, we claim back.


You don’t have to feel blocked to take this course.

I haven’t met one woman who hasn’t got more to clear. The path of expansion is never done. Plus, the method offered in this programme is for life. Like yoga for your vagina and cervix. We teach you how to keep your cervix and vagina in tip top shape no matter what stage of life you’re in.

We use fingers, a wand and our love to coax the body open, to release it from energetic and physical binds. For orgasm, we want a body that is aligned to it’s most original nature.


Are you ready to awaken the channel and Release the flow of life and orgasm?

"This might be one of my favourite courses I have ever taken. I've been studying sensuality for five years with all the usual suspects..... And yet, I still knew I had disconnects that I could not change. This course feels like the answer to my prayer. ... I am finding a new and deeper relationship with my body. I am finally starting to melt my core that has plagued me my whole life. My nervous system is finally learning to relax both with your trainings and with reading Stanley Rosenberg's book too. Thank you!"

This is our underworld journey.

The underworld is your subconscious, the subterranean, the womb, the forest, the underbelly, the club and speakeasy.

It’s the place where you get to be free.


Learn about the 5 zones of nourishment to prepare you for your journey.

The threshold: de-armour and release your vulva and clitoris for more sensation.

Enter the temple and de-armour your vagina and cervix

Awaken the pathway of the vagus nerve through the core.

De-armour your throat to awaken the throat-cervix connection

Understandhow to be with rage, resistance or any emotions you might usually repress.

Learn an effective technique for clearing emotional blocks as well as physical. Lay to rest the parts of you that are no longer needed before returning to the world renewed.

Understand your shadows in sexual relating and learn how to bring a partner into this journey.

You'll ...


... be more available to flow sexual energy: at each centre within your body, we discover the things that hold it shut and the things that open it. Our mission is to unlock each centre so that the flow of orgasm can move. It’s a magical kind of river.


... feel grounded, clear and sovereign:you see, working with your deep core brings you home to yourself and your body. Science proves that cervical stimulation shifts your mood but we don’t need science to tell us that!


... have the tools and confidence to relax into pleasure because you’ve tended to your body like a garden, now there’s space to feel.  


... communicate your needs:you’ll learn exactly how to stay in integrity with partners and get while you want while honouring them.

"Self:Cervix has revived my life in such a miraculous way. This awakening has drastically improved my relationship with my husband, who can be wary of non-traditional methods. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your work is making the world a better place!”

– Beth

"This is powerful, deep work that the world is desperately in need of. I was walking around disconnected from my pelvis before I started the course, and I now have a beautiful relationship with my cervix and pelvic muscles. ... The videos, live calls, and community of women doing this work were supportive every step of the way."

- Emily M.

Hi, I'm Olivia

I started Self:Cervix in 2016 to heal myself.

Through a stroke of luck, I met a teacher who made me aware of the state of my cervix. I was given a practise to try and to be honest, because my cervix was numb, it didn’t do much for me. I was also stuck in habitual pleasure routines.

So I started a support group for moi! I needed accountability. Turns out loads of other women needed this work and the group grew fast.

Over the last 6 years we’ve had over 3000 women go through the programme. And they keep coming back to do this journey again because it feels good, necessary and important.

As for me, my cervix went from numb to orgasmic. Cervical orgasms are indescribable. Spiritual teachings have always known that the cervix was a pathway to awakening. This is the ultimate mission of this work.

Hi, I'm Olivia

In 2015, a Tantric bodyworker had his finger on my cervix. This is not my preferred way to introduce myself on the internet to the entire world. But I do it for a good cause. What I didn’t realise was that my cervix would become the focus of the session. I also didn’t realise that this session would change the course of my life.

There, on a hot day in Bali, I discovered my cervix was numb. As a sexologist and sex nerd, I know the cervix to be a powerful place of pleasure so I was determined to transform it. After eight months of work, play and exploration, my cervix began to feel and my orgasmic capacity shifted tremendously.

Today, I’m joined by over 3000 other women who are all interested in healing, learning and exploring the powerful and magical gateway of the cervix. May your cervixes be the portals of bliss they were made to be.

I hope to see you inside.


The journey into the underworld...

This is a heroine's journey and after preparing yourself, we venture into the unknown. We work through the centres of the body de-armouring and clearing space for the vagus nerve to transmit and energy and information from the cervix to the brain.

Each week hour long class and audios, classes will be taught live.4 weeks plus bonus extra teaching week. If cant make class replays available. The course is 5 weeks long including the bonus week.

Week 1: Create Safety

Learn about the 5 zones of nourishment to prepare you for your journey and work with the power of the vagus nerve.

Week 2: Arrive at the Threshold

De-armour and release your vulva and clitoris for more sensation.

Week 3: Enter the Temple

Here you will de-armour your vagina and cervix.

Week 4: Rise in Sacred Rage

De-armour your throat to awaken the throat-cervix connection and understand how to receive the blessings of sacred rage.

Week 5: Expand Beyond Shadows & In Union

Understand your shadows in sexual relating and learn how to bring a partner into this journey.

Click here to view the live class schedule for this round.

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When does the course start?

Release officially opens to you upon registration! On the day you register, you’ll receive a welcome email and access to your learning portal and the content will be released week-by-week. The first facilitated class will be on November 8th - for details, see our class schedule.

How much time will the course take up each week?

Each week hour long class and audios, classes will be taught live.4 weeks plus bonus extra teaching week. You can watch the replay if you can't make it.

Each week there are 3 x experiential processes/visualisations to embody the teachings.

Is the content downloadable?

The class lectures are not. But we provide a copy of the slides so you can read through the presentations in your own time. The audio files are downloadable with the exception of the breathwork track.

How long do I have access to the content for?

You have ongoing access to the content, however if you'd like to do another facilitated round and receive any upgrades, there is a $97 fee to join the round.

How is the content delivered?

You will receive a live call schedule and a zoom link to join the live classes each week. You can watch the replays if you can't make it.

You will also receive audio visualisation tracks each week to integrate the teachings plus journal prompts to help you connect with your inner world.

Will the live classes be in my time zone?

Each week the call times alternate between 12pm AEST and 6pm AEST. The best way to find out the time in your area is to use the Time Zone Converter.

Do you offer refunds?

If you decide the course is not for you, you have 7 days to get your money back, no worries!

Will this course help me heal trauma?

While many of the tools are trauma informed, we don't recommend you take this course if you experienced sexual trauma or abuse in your family. If you feel you have processed this trauma, we would still recommend having a therapist on hand in case you need it.

Is this work only for hetero/cis women?

I identify as hetero/cis so many of the experiences shared are based in my story so are told from that perspective. However, the principles are universal and we welcome anyone who may resonate with the themes.

We also acknowledge that gender is on a spectrum. We sometimes say 'people with cervixes' to represent this. You are welcome to contact support@selfcervix.com if you are unsure if you would feel safe doing this work.

Are there sexual practises in this work?

Yes – Initiation takes a gentle, loving approach to the body and sexuality. You are always welcome to opt out of anything that doesn't feel right for you.

Is this ok for me to do if I have mental health issues?

We would love to say yes but the truth is, sometimes you may need more support than we can give you in an online forum space. The content may trigger feelings that are best handled with the support of an in-person therapist.

Hear what these beauties have to say!

Anandi formed a closer connection to her cervix – opening up new universe of deep, rich, powerful & grounded connection to herself & bliss within.

Listen to Carla's life-changing journey deep into herself, getting to know her body in a whole new way and experiencing increased pleasure.

Juli experienced sensations already there becoming much more intense and alive.

Sam learnt how much sensation and pleasure is available in the cervix and whole body.

All Access Upgrade Package

All Access Upgrade Package

Experience the full Self:Cervix journey to embody the art & science of sacred intimacy

Upgrade to our All Access Package, to receive our ongoing access to our full curriculum.

Self:Cervix is a full journey experience into your heart, body and mind. It’s an awakening into soulful sex and sacred union through the power of the cervix.

Our full Cervical Awakening curriculum and members programme is designed to transform average sex and intimacy into a profound experience of unity; first with yourself, then with others.

Our method brings you closer to your most natural state – feeling more with less effort.

What you get

Our Cervical Awakening journey is 22 weeks of cutting edge content designed to take intimacy to a whole new level:

  • Self:Partnership– We start with love. The most important relationship to develop is the one you have with yourself. This programme is a foundation for sexual awakening and intimacy. Learn what true love is and how to call more of it into your life.

PLUS expand your orgasm with our Cervical Awakening Trilogy

  • Initiation – Cervical awakening begins with connection to self and cervix. Take the first steps towards experiencing an expansion of pleasure and sensuality over 4 weeks.

  • Release – A 6-week course based in neuroscience, the Release journey is an essential aspect of sexual awakening. While honouring the nervous system, we open the central channel preparing for orgasmic expansion. Clear the pleasure pathway and learn to release and receive as you upgrade your sexual experience.

  • Rapture – A member's only offering exploring pleasure on a spiritual level over 6 weeks. We open up to ultimate love and the transpersonal aspects of deep love and sacred sex. We shift into the high frequency of cervical orgasm using subtle energetic practises.

Facilitated Courses 2021/22

  • Self:Partnership – currently available for self-study, next live facilitation will be in 2022
  • Initiation – currently available for self-study, next live facilitation will be in 2022
  • Release – November 2021
  • Rapture – January 2022

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Cervical orgasm offers a pillar of awakening consciousness through sex.

To experience this awakening, we move into our human experience until we touch who we really are. From there we expand, empower and emanate.