Sovereign Heart

Align yourself with love and watch life rise to meet you.

Sovereign Heart

Align yourself with love and watch life rise to meet you.

Sovereign Heart, the world is waiting for you.

Now is the time to know who you are, to align with love and live as the One who holds the power of cervix energy.

You are nothing short of divine.

To know this truth, you have to come back to knowing yourself, trusting yourself and believing in yourself.

When you hold the Heart Frequency, you can see the ups and downs of life for what they are.

You can lead yourself through it with integrity and courage.

Gathering wisdom.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, this is experience is for you if you want to:

Establish a strong sense of self to help you navigate deep intimate relationships so you never abandon yourself again

Heal from the past so you radiate your true essence

Awaken powerful new levels of self confidence and inner knowing

Upgrade self worth and attract available partners

Have the most intimate and fulfilling relationships  

Rise up professionally and personally

Sovereign Heart is a path of self-honouring, and our only task is to know who we are and what we are in truth.

It’s a powerful system for unlocking your personal and relational potential as the first step on a sacred sexual journey of love.

Sovereign Heart

Coming May 2023

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If these things are happening in your life:

If you neglect what you truly want in a relationship and settle for crumbs…

If past hurt and emotional blocks prevent you from relaxing into sexual intimacy…

If you continually attract emotionally unavailable or distant partners…

If you abandon your own instincts and boundaries to avoid losing love…

If you feel anxious, co-dependent and sabotage your relationships out of fear and you are ready to create a new healthy template for love…

... Sovereign Heart will be magic in your life!



Sovereign Heart is a unique methodology combining:

⊹Psycho-therapeutic research

⊹Trauma informed processes

⊹Proven coaching strategies…

and So. Much. Heart.

It’s a powerful system for unlocking your personal and relational potential.

In this programme you will receive tools and an intentionally structured process that supports you in embodying sovereignty and standing centered in your full radiance.

You’ll be given a supportive and safe space to share your experiences on this journey of the Sovereign Heart. This is a space for you to show up as you are and with everything that is arising through this work.

We journey in our hearts in order to connect deeply with who we really are.


Claim your original power, become fully expressed and manifest the most important love you can ever experience

"This course was literally life changing for me! I've done a lot of self-development and healing work including really feeling my emotions, and yet, this course took me to a deeper level and ignited so many aha moments. "


Hi, I'm Olivia

I love to entire life mission is to create more love and pleasure. I've had long term relationships, cried over dating dramas and I've also spent a lot of time single. None of the scenarios were great for me because of how I felt about myself. I've battled with low self-esteem my whole life.

My turning point came in 2019 after losing my 'faux soulmate'. I decided it was time to properly heal and end painful relationship patterns for good. I spent most of a year turning towards myself, looking at all the ways I put myself aside, looking at how I judged myself harshly – I never felt good enough. I realised I'd spent so much time focusing on others and how to be in relationship with them, that I'd lost touch with myself.I preferred to lose myself than lose them.

The process I went through completely changed me from the inside out. As a result I became more self-assured in the world, my friends noticed I was far more grounded and seemed happy inside of myself. I started attracting attention from men without doing anything – no dating apps, no 'looking' for the one...just radiating my essence out into the world.

I started sharing my process with others and the upgrades to love and life were astounding. I absolutely love teaching this programme now and see Self:Partnership as a foundation for success in every area of life.

I hope to see you inside.


This is what's in the course:

8 Live Classes over 4 weeks

The classes will be taught live in a Facebook community groupwhere you can interact with Olivia as she teaches. You can also watch live on Zoom.

The classes will be available afterwards in your learning plattform.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please choose carefully, there are no refunds or partial available on any purchase or course.
  • Payment plans may be offered on special request and include an instalment fee.If paying via payment plan and your payments default after 3 attempts or are not completed, access to content will be removed.

When does the course start & what is the class schedule?

Sovereign Heart is coming in May 2023. Please keep an eye out for the teaching schedule.

How much time will the course take up each week?

There are around 3 teaching hours per module - split across 2 x 1.5 hour classes.

We encourage you to journal each night before you sleep or spend 10 minutes per day sitting quietly with yourself for maximum results.

Is the content downloadable?

The content is not downloadable, which means you need an online connection.

How long do I have access to the content for?

You will have one year access to the course material.

How is the content delivered?

The classes will be taught live in a Facebook community groupwhere you can interact with Olivia as she teaches. You can also watch live on Zoom.

The classes will be available afterwards in your learning plattform.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final so please choose carefully. There are no refunds permitted.

Will this course help me heal trauma?

While many of the tools are trauma informed, we don't recommend you take this course if you experienced sexual trauma or abuse in your family. If you feel you have processed this trauma, we would still recommend having a therapist on hand in case you need it.

Is this work only for hetero/cis women?

I identify as hetero/cis so many of the experiences shared are based in my story so are told from that perspective. However, the principles are universal and we welcome anyone who may resonate with the themes.

We use the word “Woman” for any person who identifies or has lived as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth or gender expression. We also acknowledge that gender is on a spectrum and that we all have a right to live in alignment with their gender identity.

Are there sexual practises in this work?

Sovereign Heart is the emotional component of the Self:Cervix work. We do not include sexual practises in it however, anyone exploring sexuality will benefit from the teachings within Sovereign Heart.

Is this ok for me to do if I have mental health issues?

We would love to say yes but the truth is, sometimes you may need more support than we can give you in an online forum space. In general, if you are really struggling emotionally or find yourself deep in your pain, right now might not be the time to join this course. The content may trigger feelings that are best handled with the support of an in-person therapist.

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Coming May 2023

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