Best practices for nervous system healing and orgasmic awakening

There have been so many beautiful practices that have supported my own journey. Some of which I’ve created and shared with you. Others are tools I’ve discovered elsewhere.

I’ve put together a list of things I’ve tried, though this is just the tip of a very big iceberg. Most of these work well for orgasmic awakening and nervous system healing.

What I love about these practices is that they offer tools for self healing. (Even IFS trains you to become literate about your own internal world so you can manage it on your own).

So let’s begin:

TRE - Trauma Release Exercises

How it works: Stored trauma is released from the psoas muscle by activating an internal tremor through the core. It allows the body's natural shaking mechanism to take over and process the trauma.

Why I love it: The psoas is a beautiful carrier muscle, transporting orgasmic energy up the body. TRE helped me understand what deep orgasmic states might feel like while releasing trauma. It also gave me a few clues about how to surrender.

Try it here:


How it works: Breathwork stimulates the vagus nerve, alters your state of consciousness and allows for buried material to rise to the surface.

Why I love it: Breath work can also teach you how to feel subtle energy, it’s great for enlivening your system, dropping into sensuality and for altering your consciousness in such a way that allows you to surrender.

Try it: Check out our psychedelic breathwork journey Galactica, designed to replicate the psychedelic orgasmic state. I call this breathing poetry - it took me 6 weeks to create. I think you’ll love it.
You can also find many free breathwork sessions on Youtube. Try the Wimhoff Method.

IFS - Internal Family Systems

How it works: By connecting with all the various parts of us that live in the shadows, understanding them and integrating them slowly.

Why I love it: It brings so much self love, understanding and depth to the self. It is a path to wholeness.

Try it: Google IFS and find a practitioner near you.

Cervical Stimulation and De-armouring

How it works: The cervix is the root of the vagus nerve and so by stimulating it, the idea is you stimulate the entire vagus nerve which is great for self-regulation.

Why I love it: In the early days of our work, we had research carried out on participants. We found cervical stimulation reduced anxiety and depression. De-armouring has cleared so much tension and awakened so much sensation/orgasm.

Try it: We will be running our Cervical Awakening Sequence coming in August. You could also try our Release Wand and Ritual package.
PS: Our Wand is usually selling out quickly but we have a few available to pre-order now.


How it works: Similar to resourcing yourself, just bigger, more energy focussed and more all-encompassing. The practice trains your nervous system to hold more love and pleasure.

Why I love it: It’s life-changing, you can do it anywhere, anytime and it completely shifts how you relate to yourself and your life. It also pulls the focus off trauma and onto your inner goodness and beauty. You learn to calibrate to that more fully.

Try it: You can find this practice in the Heart Frequency Masterclass.

Intentional Medicine Work

How it works: Various plant medicines offer trauma healing benefits. Psilocybin mushrooms, San Pedro (cactus) and Ayahuasca are the most well known for trauma healing benefits. They are usually delivered by shamans and experienced practitioners in a ceremonial session. Cannabis used intentionally is hugely beneficial for awakening sensation.

Why I love it: Sometimes assistance is needed. The plant world is here to support us in many ways. Awakening to our connection with nature, embodying more fully; there are so many benefits to this work.

Try it: It’s not for everyone but if it’s your jam, you’ve probably already done the searching. Usually you need to find a medicine community - look for sweat lodges, medicine drum circles or retreat centres that offer medicine work such as Rhythmia in Costa-Rica or Temple Way of Light in Peru.

There are more modalities popping up all the time. I chose the processes that include an embodied aspect.

What I’m left with is how blessed we are to have so much available to us. Let’s make the most of it and create a beautiful world together.


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