How to use The Release Wand™ for pleasure & de-armouring

For my internal world of pleasure zones, I tried all sorts of different wands and dildos. I had an impressive collection. But none of them were just right. They were either two big, too straight, too ridgy or too short. So, I developed my own.

It’s been a long road withThe Release Wand™- making it perfect took years.

Sometimes I like to try other wands but I always go back to this one.

What I love most about it is I can totally relax while stimulating myself - that’s because of the curve. It’s the lazy gurl’s epic pleasure solution.

Seriously this actually matters, the less you’re doing, the less you’re engaging the part of your brain in charge of motor skills, the more easily you can totally surrender.

You can use either end.

This end, aka the ‘smoothie’ is the best end for de-armouring.

De-armouring is a key practice for releasing tension and numbness for better orgasms and more pleasure! It’s good to use a very small amount of lube or coconut oil but because the end is so slim, you don’t need lube unless it’s uncomfortable for you.

Then, start shallow - sliding the wand in just a tiny way and press around the entrance of your vagina, holding in places that feel tense or painful.

The end is the shape of a finger so that you can push into precise places. Gradually the wand will slide in - it’s really important to not push too far in. Just take it slow and ideally you’ll find your vagina leads the way, opening up slowly. Follow the feeling - so as you press and hold, you might feel another place directly beside it that now wants some attention. This is a practise of deep listening.

Once you get to your cervix, work around the cervix - the ligaments are often quite tight. If you haven’t felt your cervix before with your finger, it can be hard to know if you’re around your cervix. So it’s important to also practise touching your cervix with your finger so you know the lay of the land!

The smoothie end

  • Made specifically for massaging out tension for better orgasms and more pleasure
  • Shaped like a very long finger - perfect for the cervix
  • Precision tip so you can get into all the tight places
  • Amazing for reaching the deepest pleasurable places (the cervix and the A-spot)

How to use the Wand for De-armouring

  • Use a tiny bit of lube or oil (optional)
  • Start at the entrance working around your vagina slowly
  • Press and hold on tight places
  • Breathe and relax
  • Work your way in a little deeper, going very slowly - the shape allows you to press in quite deeply
  • Pause with breath for a couple of minutes in areas that feel tight
  • Never push through pain, just reach the edge of discomfort and relax

The bubbly end is the best end for pleasure.

The shape of the balls means it stimulates your g-spot, a-spot and cervix at the same time. If you curve it towards your belly you can also stimulate your U-spot (urethral opening).


The bubbly end

  • Amaaaazing for pleasure because of all the ridges
  • The shape means you can relax your arm - great for lazy self-pleasuring
  • Great for practising the vaginal pulse from our Rapture journey 
  • Doubles as a jade egg - you can ‘hold’ the balls with your vagina ;)
  • The round end, perfectly fits into the deep cavern surrounding your cervix and allows for movement in a circular motion
  • It simulates all the spots at the same time (the G-spot, the Cervix and the A-spot)

How to use the bubbly end for pleasure

  • Use a small amount of lube only (natural lubrication after a good warm up is best)
  • Slide it in, ball by ball enjoying the sensation at each place
  • Breathe deeply and include your clitoris if that feels good
  • Explore circular motions or a lever motion moving it towards the front then towards the back
  • Relax your arm as much as possible by resting your hand on your thigh (no need to reach down and around because of the shape)
  • Tilt it towards your belly and also stimulate your U-spot (urethral opening)

The shape of the wand means you can relax your arm by leaning it on your thigh, rather than straining to reach down between your legs. Great for lazy self pleasuring!

Made of the best quality borosilicate glass which makes it totally safe for your body - hypoallergenic, non-porous, can be used with lubricant and easy to clean. You can experiment with temperature variations too (run it under warm or cold water).

What others say about The Release Wand™:

"I have had some profound experiences with this wand. It has gone to places internally that other wands haven’t been able to. I have found it very helpful for integrative experiences and the glass feels so soft.– LK, community member

"The wand is not only beautiful but has been very good for me. Thank you.– RP, community member

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