Empowered Pap Smear

I actually came close to enjoying my pap smear the other day.

Not because it was pleasurable or even fun. But because I created it the way wanted to experience it – with consent and relaxation.

I’ve become quite protective of my cervix having done the Self:Cervix work and the practices to revive my cervix.

I began the programme because my cervix was numb – common but not normal given it is innervated by 3 different nerves. Not ideal considering the cervix plays an important role in sexual pleasure and orgasm.

My intuition tells me my cervix went numb because of a cervical scrape I had 10 years ago. It had to be done, yes, but maybe if I’d been more prepared the consequences would have been less devastating to my cervix.

It’s how gynaecological procedures are done that I have an issue with. The appointments are rushed. The examination is done TO us. There is no consideration of the woman’s nervous system or the sensitivity of the procedure. There is no consent, or waiting, or relaxing. Usually, it’s pants down, on the bed, in and out in under 5 minutes. I end up tense and glad it’s over.

So back to my awesome experience at the doctors…I had the usual heaviness in my body at the thought of spreading my legs for a cold speculum and that pokey weird sensation on my cervix.

In this case, at the start of the appointment, I told the doctor that I wanted to request three things:

  1. That she wait until I gave her permission to enter.
  2. That I be able to see my own cervix with a hand mirror
  3. That I be able to insert the speculum myself.

Making these requests felt so good!

When I lay down, I did the insertion and the doctor unconsciously began to hurry her way into me with the swab. I said (respectfully) “Please wait! Could you wait until I’m ready and relaxed. Wait until I say you can enter.”

She said, “Oh yes, sorry,” and pulled back slightly sheepishly.

So I began my own process, sitting up on my elbows, breathing, relaxing and sending my cervix some love.

Then I said, ”Ok I’m ready.” I didn’t brace because I was prepared. That made the experience much easier.

With the next swab, she started to hurry in again but then quickly remembered my request for consent and permission and she backed off. She waited for me to breathe deeply and invite her in. (Yay!)

Then I looked at my cervix in the mirror…oh, she was looking big and plump and happy in there… peering back out at me. I felt so pleased with myself!

The doctor seemed bemused but only vaguely interested - perhaps my request for consent highlighted some flaws in her process, or perhaps it was not usual for her to have the patient take charge of the appointment!

I don’t know, but either way, it doesn’t matter. Even though it would be preferable to have doctors who understand conscious gynecology, women who do Awaken the Cervix know what to do and so get to create the appointment for themselves.

So next time you go for a smear or other gynecological procedure, choose a doctor who is open and willing to go along with what you ask…from there, you get to create an appointment that is less invasive and unconscious.

I wish, so much, that an empowered smear procedure could become the norm in our society so that more women would be inclined to have health checks and so the cervix could be given the respect it deserves!

That way, maybe we would all have greater access to the pleasure and orgasm triggered by the magical cervix.

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