Can I experience cervical orgasm with an IUD?

When it comes to awakening the cervix, you might be wondering if an IUD will impact your experience. Or if you should remove yours.

This is one of the most common questions I get. So, after doing some research, I found no conclusive evidence that having an IUD negatively impacts sex. In fact, some said it made everything better – from libido to being able to relax. On the other hand, one study showed a definite increase in sexual pain following an IUD.

BUT (and this is a big but), when I asked my community this question, some of the answers I received made my toes curl.

"It completely blocked my sexual energy. I got it removed and I've transformed completely - finally feeling like myself again."

"I used to get cervical spasms after sex that would radiate intense pain into my rectum when I had a copper IUD. It took me two years to heal my cervix after getting it removed."

"Having an IUD took away my ability to experience a cervical orgasm – 8 months after having it removed, I'm experiencing excruciating pain in the tissues around my cervix with penetration and total numbness of my cervix."

On having the IUD inserted: "It was the most brutal experience. I felt a stabbing from my cervix, hoot through my middle right up to my brain. I instantly wanted to throw up."

I put up a poll on instagram and asked if people could have a cervical orgasm with an IUD and 78% said no. (Though that resembles the % of people who can't have a cervical orgasm anyway, so hard to say if it has anything to do with an IUD)

On the other hand, I received these words also: "I've had a wonderful experience and I've definitely had cervical orgasms and I get to connect with my cervix despite my IUD. Plus I feel empowered because I get to control my fertility."

After a horrible insertion process where she blacked out, this woman says: “It took me a long time to heal but it made me really focus on everything my sacred space has been through. I still continue to hold her and support her and having such a loving partner who is gentle with me, I have been able to heal a lot and have cervical orgasms."

In alignment with this, if you search the internet for 'does an IUD effect my sex life?', many people said they could now relax more easily without worrying about getting pregnant. As a result they had higher libidos.

The fact is there are no studies on cervical orgasms or pleasure with an IUD. So without enough evidence, we must turn to ourselves. What is right for you? What matters to you?

To get back to our question; can you do this work with an IUD...

First of all, what do we do at S:C?

Our aim at S:C is to help you awaken pleasure sensation at the cervix through different forms of touch. Many of us have had painful things happen to the cervix (lasers, cuts, biopsies, pap smears, abortions, sexual injuries). This has left many cervixes numb or uncomfortable. IUDs could be included in the list of things that hurt the cervix.

Because an IUD is fitted inside the uterus, beyond the cervix, there is no direct contact with it, so you can do the practises in S:C without dislodging it. You can connect with it for sure. Whether or not it will impact your results – well we really don't know – as you can see, people have different experiences. I imagine depending on who they are, their nervous system and sensitivities.

(When I researched this, an IUD can dislodge for various reasons but it's very rare).

So now over to you. There are three main things to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not have to have an IUD:

1. What is your preference and experience? If you don't want to deal with natural fertility methods and prefer to relax around contraception as much as possible by wearing an IUD, then this might be a good choice. If it doesn't impact your sexual response and in fact allows you to relax more, doing the practical S:C work with an IUD isn't a problem. Will you be able to have cervical orgasms? Will it impact the flow of sexual energy? It seems it could based on the above feedback. If you are experiencing pain, cramping or strange sensation during sexual arousal and orgasm, you may want to consider removing it.

2. Values: what matters to you? Is it worth having an IUD? If you weigh up the benefits to possible issues does it make sense to you? I have always favoured natural fertility methods over hormones or having foreign objects inside my body. I want to be close to my body and allow it to speak to me through its natural rhythms. I also want to make sure nothing could get in the way of my full pleasure.

For some people, feeling safe and protected against unwanted pregnancy feels more important than any possible sexual side effects.

There are many amazing ways to track your cycle these days and many very reliable natural fertility methods out there. The most well known is called the Billings Ovulation Method. You can find more info about natural methods here.

3. Intuition: what feels right for you? After doing the S:C work, many feel like they don't want the IUD inside them anymore. They come so close to the cervix energetically and mentally, the thought of the IUD doesn't feel right anymore. They sense it needs to come out. What feels right for you? This may change as you progress through the work.

So to summarise, there is nothing to be afraid of with regards to practising this work with an IUD. But with all the possible complications and/or potential impacts to your sexual experience, the bigger question is, do you want to?

No one can tell you what to do – but somewhere in there, your cervix will know what is right for you. Tune in and listen.

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