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It is a pre-requisite for the 2024 Professional Training Mentorship to have
completed all 3 Cervical Awakening programmes.


The beginning of the journey to cervical awakening and orgasm.

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Or pay over 2 x $235 instalments. *Please read FAQs & Terms below.

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A journey descending into the dark to clear the pathway for cervical orgasm.

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$433 $777

Or pay over 2 x $235 instalments. *Please read FAQs & Terms below.

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An ascension journey of energetic expansion, pleasure and receiving.

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The Cervix Bundle

Initiation + Release + Rapture

$1,222 $2,087

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Terms & FAQs

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are in USD.
  • Please choose carefully, there are no refunds or partial available on any purchase or course.
  • All classes are pre-recorded and available to journey through at your own pace.
  • All payment plans must be paid in full, by starting a payment plan, you expressly agree to this.
  • All three cervix courses (Initiation, Release & Rapture) must have been completed to be eligible for the 2024 professional training which is scheduled for around May next year.

How do payment plans work?

Payments are spread over monthly instalments with an upfront down payment upon purchase, and include an instalment fee.

If your payments default after 3 attempts or are not completed, access to content will be removed.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final so please choose carefully. Unfortunately no refunds are available.

Are there any live calls or coaching?

All courses are self-paced with pre-recorded classes and audio practices.


"The Initiation journey opened a totally new horizons to me about holistic sexuality. And above all it took me much deeper as I at first expected - into the very core of my being on all fields of my life: my relations to myself and others, my life path and mission, the overall relation to life as such. It guided me towards more self love and sovereignty as a woman. I would really recommend this course to anybody who wants to connect really deeply to themselves on all levels, not just sexually.“
- Klavdija
"The material in the Release journey has been an integral part of a midlife transformation in which I am connecting with my body for the first time. I am a survivor of trauma and have felt dissociated from my body during sex, and the course has been an important part of my healing journey. I have way more sensitivity and pleasure than I used to and my sexual experiences now are like gifts from the universe. I wish this course were part of a regular education program for every girl as she comes of age, but I'm so grateful to have found it in my 40s! Thank you, thank you Self:Cervix!"
- Amy
"I experienced tremendous reconnection with myself during the Initiation course. A new kindness and gentleness towards my body. During Release I had to face some shadows and fears. The awaress it gave me was incredible. I couldn't believe I was discovering all that just now. I couldn't believe I stayed unaware for so long. I am happy to be on this journey ... and you make us feel safe. Thanks so much!"
- Linda