Transcendental Orgasm

Today I am celebrating.

Last weekend I can truly confirm, the tools in Self:Cervix actually work. And you might be thinking, "well I hope they work since I'm investing in this". 

But the truth is when you're exploring, pioneering and finding your own way, you just don't know where it's all going. 

If you had met me five years ago, I was in a relationship having average sex (I would say at the time that it was 'good enough') but I just knew in every part of me that sex was more than just a physical act. I knew there was so much more for me to feel. I just had no idea how to access it. But I knew I had to leave that relationship to figure it all out. 

Then I discovered my cervix and spent the last four years putting all the pieces together in order to experience vaginal and cervical orgasms. 

To be honest, I didn't know if it was possible for me. I'd read that we're all wired differently and the clitoris is responsible for all of our orgasms. I'd also read that internal orgasms were a myth! 

I'm never one to believe what I read and so I set about on a journey. I've spent an above average amount of time in bed and tested out many different types of glass wands (the things we do in the name of research!)

I've watched my internal response change slowly over the years. Firstly I noticed more attunement to my body's signals, then an increase in sensitivity, then the beginnings of internal expansive pleasure, then an increasing mobility of my vaginal tissue. 

About 6 months ago - it happened for me. Remembering all my favourite practises, I became a channel for orgasmic energy to move through me with very little effort... my body split open and the force was immense and beautiful.

But I didn't know if I could do that with a lover. 

Until last weekend. 

I had the best sex of my lifetime. 

He told me it was like having a front row seat as the universe birthed itself! Haha. He said he'd never felt a woman's pussy ripple around him like that (meanwhile I'm totally relaxed doing nothing except allowing). He said it was next level, transcendental sex. Wow.
And all the while I'm laughing: 'Is he really talking about me? Holy shit, I'm finally doing it!'

So I am more certain than ever that these practises work. It may take time for some of us to unravel the impact of life and trauma. It may take time to learn new ways of being sexual... but we can ALL do it. 

We are ALL wired to feel the freedom of orgasmic energy. It is not reserved for a few special humans. It truly IS our birthright. 

It's taken me four years of exploration and belief in my body to finally be able to say I am a very good lay. hahaha. 

I boiled the experienced down to THREE core practices. The most important of which we learn in the Initiation Journey.

It does not involve jade eggs or other Tao-ist practices or even Tantric ones. It takes far less effort actually ;) It has been developed through our own explorations. 

I'm here to say that you CAN change your body and your orgasm. If I can do it, you can too... all you need to do is trust that this experience is for you and EVERYONE. 

The invitation is for us to all shed layers of habit and conditioning, to come home to ourselves via our cervixes and to learn the lesson of RECEIVING.

You can watch the free intro class here.

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