3 ways to prepare your body for a cervical orgasm

If there’s something I’ve learnt about cervical orgasm, it’s that laying the foundation and preparing is the first most important step.

I think of my body like a garden. I have to tend the soil if I want things to grow. We can’t ‘make’ cervical orgasm happen but we can prepare the space so that the magic of orgasm (vaginal, cervical or energetic) can occur through us. I want to stress that this is a journey about re-learning how to relax into our naturalness.

It’s less about striving to achieve or pushing or pulling or praying to the orgasm goddesses (though a good dose of intention and desire is helpful!) What I love about this is work, is it’s about removing the obstacles to being yourself. Your true orgasmic, free and loving self. If you’re just starting out on this journey.

Here are 3 ways to prepare your body for a cervical orgasm:

  1. Touch your body...mindfully.

    Learn how to truly feel. Orgasmic pleasure is fuelled by deep awareness. If you love to fantasise, that's ok too - but for a while, train your mind to focus on sensation only. However you’re touching yourself, explore slowing down by half. You might notice your mind wondering or feeling impatient. That’s pretty normal considering we live in a time of such high visual stimulation. When you turn inward, the learning is to retrain your mind to ‘see’ sensation. So slowing down is a great practise. Experiment by putting on a timer so your mind knows there’s an end!

  2. Put your vibrator away.

    I know, I know! This one isn't fun at all but as someone who has been in an intimate relationship with a vibrator, I know how much my pleasure potential has increased since putting into storage...now for years. (So much!...) The thing is, vibration is a very ‘loud’ sensation. So you’re training your brain to be a bit lazy. The signal is strong. Also you’re training the neural pathway to the clitoris more than the pathways to the cervix...and you’re doing it with a lot of vibration! So even if you feel like you’re depriving yourself, it’s worth it so that you can resensitise AND begin to awaken a different pathway to pleasure.

  3. Practice being with your cervix.

    What do you know about your cervix? What does your cervix feel like or how do you sense it? Have you even thought about it aside from when you have a medical exam? At Self:Cervix we learn to be with the cervix in a sensual way. Because it’s usually so medicalised, we have to practise this new reframe. You can be with your cervix with mindfulness and visualisation or touch. The thing about your internal world is when you really practise tuning in, it’s always different and deep on both an emotional and physical level. I can't describe how awesome it feels when you find something completely new and unexpected.

You can begin your journey to experience the deepest form of female pleasure through our Initiation Journey which is a simple yet profound journey into the world of the cervix.

So much is possible when you devote time to exploring yourself and your cervix.


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