The Cervix – everything you need to know plus how to stimulate it!

If you’ve been hanging around S:C for a while, then you might know that our mission is to get at least 100,000 women/womxn informed and awake to the orgasmic power of the cervix!

When you don’t know that your cervix is capable of more than reproduction, you might not think to include it in your sexual play AND you are far more vulnerable to allowing your cervix to be harmed through premature penetration or medical procedures.

This info is to help you take loving care of your cervix so that you can access your full orgasmic potential!

BUT! Before we get to all the details about cervical orgasm, let's start with the basic info;

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The Cervix: all you need to know

1. The cervix is part of the uterus – it’s the neck of the uterus to be precise. Even though anatomy books might show a vagina leading straight up to a cervix, most womxn I’ve met have found their cervix on the side. Your cervix can be angled depending where your uterus is. Your uterus is floating so when it moves, so does your cervix. Tight or loose ligaments will impact where the uterus finds its resting place. My cervix and uterus is over to the left.

2. The cervix can FEEL – now you probably know that. If you’ve ever had your cervix whacked during sex, or had an uncomfortable experience at the gyno, you know there are nerves there. So we know it, but do the doctors? So far medical text books fail to accurately represent our precious cervix in terms of its nerves. So, most doctors still believe the cervix is meant to be numb! Seriously. This means they don’t let you know that procedures such as the Leep/Lletz can impact our sexual functioning. (More on that later!) So yeah, the cervix can feel – pain and pleasure. 35% of women report feeling pleasure at the cervix.

3. There are 3 major nerves connecting to the cervix – which means there are two of them coming in from different directions. They are the hypogastric, the pelvic and the vagus nerve. So as you can see the cervix is a boss when it comes to sensitivity and it’s about time this was acknowledged.

4. The cervix is orgasmic – not just your average orgasm, cervical orgasms can be like spiritual awakenings. They’re impossible to describe – you would just have to see my face after one. I’ll write a separate post on the orgasmic cervix where I’ll go into more details.

5. The cervix is a sphincter muscle – it opens and closes. It’s mainly a tiny bit open to release cervical fluid. This fluid can be like slippery egg white to help sperm swim into the womb or it can be thick and mucus-y. Its function is to prevent bacteria from entering into the crown jewel of the female body – the uterus.

5. The cervix moves up and down – depending on where you’re at in your cycle. It moves down when you bleed and up when you ovulate.

6. The cervix and uterus move up when you’re aroused – this is important. The ligaments draw the uterus (and cervix) out of the way to prevent being whacked during sex. So it's important to give yourself lots of play time before sex – 40 minutes is not too long!

7. The cervix is connected to its own ligaments – it’s important to keep these ligaments relaxed through massage. This allows the cervix to open during birth and also this very strange phenomenon called the ‘cervical kiss’, where the cervix comes down to kiss the finger or the penis. It’s adorable…kinda like a little animal. It’s also mysterious. I'm not sure why this happens but ask any S:C bodyworker and they’ve probably felt a cervix meet their finger.

8. The cervix feels like protrusion inside the vagina – similar to a tiny donut or the tip of your nose. I’ve had women write to me freaking out about the growth inside their vagina – it’s not a growth it’s your cervix. But how would you ever know if you’ve never been taught.

It’s great to touch your cervix so you understand what you can or can’t feel, where it is and how to stimulate it for pleasure. The best way to touch your cervix is on the toilet (not sexy but functional), or by squatting or legs above the head. It’s a bit of an athletic endeavour, let's be honest. But it’s a very empowering feeling to touch your own cervix. After all, doctors and lovers do, so isn’t it right that you should too?

So those are the basics. We haven’t touched on the emotional or metaphysical qualities of the cervix yet…there is so much to learn and know.

Thank you for being part of this movement. Let’s get this info out there. If you have friends you think would benefit from knowing their cervix is orgasmic, please forward this on.

You can watch me talk about this live on Instagram (I also answer other cervical related questions and will be live every Wednesday at 1pm AEST).


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